winbox register

Winbox Register

STEP 1: Download winbox application
Download the “WINBOX” App with following link
Once installation the “Winbox Official” app into your phone, you have to create your own winbox account before start the game
Click “Register” button, will bring you into the registration form and fill up your account details with phone verification for security purpose
If you do not have any referrer, can please click bellow “Free Register or Download Winbox” it will bring you to the destination.

STEP 2: Create your own winbox UID
UID is every account much need which is username identity for login into winbox online games
When entered the registration form page, you need to set a new unique UID and required to set your own password as well
UID first be numbers, and the first character must start with a letter (a-z) and the length required at least 6 and maximum 15 characters. (For eg: abcd88 or abc1d23)
Password need to be at least 6 digits and above, Can either all in numbers or letters mix with numbers. (For eg: 123488 or abc123)

STEP 3: Binding your mobile number and email address
Once you completed setting your own UID and Password.
The next is to enter the binding slot
Fill up with your mobile phone number or email address to receive the verification code will send to you really soon.
Once you completed all the steps, CONGRATULATIONS you’ve created your own Winbox Account and can Top up and play the games inside winbox application.